Pinot Grigio by On The House


Green apple and citrus.

ALCOHOL: 11.5%
OAK: None
BODY: Light

This wine takes 5 weeks to make so please pick a bottling appointment with a minimum of 5 weeks from the day you place an order. Bottling hours are Monday to Friday from 11am to 6pm and Saturday from 10am to 3pm. Closed Sunday and holidays.

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Pinot Grigio is a popular white wine known for its light, crisp, and refreshing characteristics. It is made from the Pinot Gris grape variety, which is a mutation of the Pinot Noir grape. The name “Pinot Grigio” is commonly used in Italy, while “Pinot Gris” is more commonly used in France and other parts of the world.

Pinot Grigio wines typically have a pale straw to light golden color in the glass. The aroma profile can vary but often includes notes of citrus fruits such as lemon, lime, and grapefruit, as well as green apple, pear, and sometimes floral hints. It tends to have a relatively neutral aroma compared to other white wines.

On the palate, Pinot Grigio is known for its crisp acidity and light to medium body. It is generally dry, although some examples may have a touch of residual sugar. The flavors are typically bright and refreshing, with citrus fruits, stone fruits like peach or apricot, and occasionally tropical fruit notes. It often has a clean and mineral-driven finish.

Pinot Grigio is generally produced in stainless steel tanks to preserve its fresh and vibrant character. The winemaking techniques aim to retain the natural acidity and fruit flavors of the grape. While it can be aged for a short period, most Pinot Grigio wines are intended to be consumed young to enjoy their lively and zesty qualities.

This wine is versatile and pairs well with a variety of dishes. It goes particularly well with light seafood, salads, white meats, and vegetarian dishes. Its crispness and acidity can also make it a refreshing choice for casual sipping or enjoying on a warm day.

Overall, Pinot Grigio is beloved for its approachability, lightness, and refreshing nature. It has gained popularity globally and is widely available in different regions, making it a go-to choice for white wine enthusiasts.

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